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The Right Start With Gelar İn Your Projects

As the Gelar team, we continue to be at your side with the most correct working principle by paying attention to your wishes as you have been for many years in all your projects. All staff members in Gelar will shape your thoughts to your desired extent.

Creation of Planning and Operating System

Appropriate Application Processes for Each Project

Everything You Need To Begin

Everything You Need To Begin...

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Gelar Çocuk Bisiklet Parkuru


The work we do is directly
based on statistical views of children,
we want new technologies and our children
to create the most appropriate structures for the viewpoints,
follow the innovations and apply the differences and at the same time
happy with you and your children, including constant change
We are planning projects in the areas of happiness
in our work because we hear
we achieve two fold success.

A Correct Team

A team with a good knowledge of the system and the operations to be done will not have difficulty in extracting special areas that appeal to the audience.

Healthy Area Selection

Whatever your requests in our projects, we will guarantee our future by using healthy constructions.

Play ground

We fill in the areas you think for the playgrounds and apply the architectural structure without breaking.

The latest technology

We work with the whole world and follow new technologies and add our applications.

Some of our projects

When you examine our projects, you can see that we have created the most appropriate platforms for you, and you can shape your requests more accurately in your mind.